Doors > Automatic Doors

Compact Plus doors require limited space in comparison with available free passage area and now is available also with innovative self-supporting structure which allows to install these doors in fully glazed façades...Read more

TILOS series

Turnstiles and gates > Gates

TILOS series is available in the following configurations: TILOS 100: free width from 550 up to 920 mm TILOS 140 : free width from 550 up to 1000 mm TILOS 150: free width from 550 up to 1050 mm TILOS 200: free width...Read more


Revolving doors > Access control revolving doors

In addition of single presence checking, it is possible to integrate also the TONALI IMAGO anti-camouflage system, to analyze specific face features giving the access only if a person correctly presents its face to the camera...Read more


TONALI brand: more than 70 years of history in access control and security management

Italian style and quality

CoMETA and TONALI, two historical companies of great prestige and a technological heritage of great value; with the match of these two realities it is born a cooperation project that has led to the development of new important products and high reliability security solutions. From this collaboration was born CoMETA Group Srl that after a few years decided to change its name to Talitah Srl.

Talitah srl brings together resources and expertise from the reality of both companies; formed by staff with many years of experience, the new company aims firmly to expand the overseas market for TONALI security and access control products (cabins, revolving doors, doors, turnstiles), extending the network of distributors, systems integrators, commercial and technical partners ...Read more