TONALI brand: more than 70 years of history in access control and security management

Italian style and quality

CoMETA and TONALI, two historical companies of great prestige and a technological heritage of great value: with the match of these two realities it is born a cooperation project that has no equal, especially in an economic environment like the current one in which the trend towards fragmentation is very high.
CoMETA Group srl brings together resources and expertise from the reality of both companies: formed by staff with many years of experience, the new company aims firmly to expand the overseas market for TONALI security and access control products (cabins, revolving doors, doors, turnstiles), extending the network of distributors, systems integrators, commercial and technical partners which already includes more than 25 countries worldwide. At the same time, more ambitious goal is to liven up a domestic distribution network by offering innovative solutions to market, result of the union of the experiences of both realities.

Today CoMETA Group offers products with Tonali brand in environments such as Airports, Harbours, Train Stations, Hospitals, Banks, Ministries, Prisons, Stadiums, Power Plants focusing its attention to meet their security needs.
All of this focusing on the design and development of customized solutions for access control and buildings protection.

Our brand history

The brand TONALI born in 1938 and since then has characterized its products and systems with quality features and reliability over time responding to the needs of security and access control.
In 1958 our brand marks in fact the first armoured barrier for anti-robbery protection within a bank. Banks were the main market until the '90s.For all the ’60s, the company made a successful promotion of these products in the bank sector and it became a byword for bank protection from robbery. In the ’70s Tonali manufactured interlocked armoured double doors entrances. In the 80’s the first automatic cabin (interlocked passage) has been created with the innovative self-managing control (more than 10.000 sites protected installed).In the '90s it has been introduced new access control systems with the use of biometric devices. This commitment leads to the introduction of access control systems for high and medium secure areas for the industrial and commercial sectors.

Our Distributors

CoMETA Group s.r.l. (TONALI brand) designs and implements highly reliable security solutions. Today, it's in full growth and is entering into important partnerships to consolidate its presence in the most important foreign markets.

Online River (USA)

Online River, LLC is CoMETA Group's Authorized Distributor and is one of the largest suppliers of security products including its popular turnstile and gate division with installations in North and Latin America. The company works with systems integrators and installers for custom security portals with metal detectors for high security installations in government, corporate and businesses seeking to increase security and asset protection. Web site >

Bussole Italiane S.A. (Panama)

Bussole Italiane is CoMETA Group's Official Distributor in Central America with a headquarters and service center in the city of San Francisco, Panama. In recent years CoMETA has strengthened its partnership with Bussole Italiane S.A. by increasing its marketing and commercial support activities. Web site >

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