TONALI have focused their attention on meeting the new security needs in environments like Airports, Harbours, Train Stations, Hospitals, Banks, Ministries, Prisons, Power Plants.

Past years saw important changes in the trend of the layout of the main Banks’ branches. Cash limitations with the new “Open Bank” concept and a more “Clients-friendly” approach drove TONALI to look for a tighter collaboration with the largest Banks.

Thanks to a more than 50 years experience in banks security sector, TONALI developed innovative access control systems with the introduction of 7/24 Self Areas.

The following target were pursued

The following targets were pursued:
  • People flow optimization, with a special eye to security & safety, either for customers of the Self-Areas, while off-hours, and for employees in business-hours
  • Emergency exits management
  • Personnel and relevant costs optimization with positive security levels increasing
  • Security systems, within the existing norms boundaries, to grant fast and safe controls, with a special attention to the final customer.
  • Entrances designed to make easier the access to wheel chairs users too.
Transit barriers reduction, yet retaining the highest security level, has been the challenge which lead to TONALI solutions: multiple products integration to the tomorrow bank customers’ satisfaction.

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