Power Plants

TONALI have focused their attention on meeting the new security needs in environments like Airports, Harbours, Train Stations, Hospitals, Banks, Ministries, Prisons, Power Plants.

Security requirements pervades all areas of daily life starting from the most simple and ordinary reality up to involving systems, organizations and processes of great complexity.

Power plants and Nuclear power plants are certainly a part of reality that must be protected with maximum security systems for the protection of property and individuals.

The following target were pursued

  • Enable constant monitoring of staff and possible visitors present inside the power plant
  • Improve controls objectiveness
  • Provide single passage checking system at the gates in order to avoid possible hostages
The following proposed Tonali solutions include automatic gates, interlocked or not according to the needs, with integrated up-gradable systems like metal detector, single presence control, anti-camouflage systems, finger print biometry readers linked to the face image, CCTV, … Main purpose is to offer an integrated security system with the possibility of one unique control point (also remotely).

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