Tonali is being designing, manufacturing and installing since more than 50 years integrated security systems. These devices can talk to each other and are capable to provide the most suitable answers to globally solve the problems originating from the security and energy saving applications.

Tonali manufactures access-control systems, both for people and vehicles; presence-control applications and highly sophisticated solutions for transits verification with biometric readers.

Security and protection installations (anti hold-up, access and presence, alarms, CCTV, smoke detection and P.A.) are easily controlled with individual or integrated systems together with the building industrial aspects (lighting, HVAC, energy savings monitoring)

TonaliBAS, Building Automation System building automation and monitoring integrated with security.

Tonali uses the wordwide available LonWorks® open technology. Every units on the bus are fully expandable at any stage. They operate independently, but logically linked.

          ISO 9001 : 2000    
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